These next 5 steps will detail how you can promote affiliate products and earn commissions.

It’s a simple process to follow, none of its rocket science but it only works if you stick to the plan.

Affiliate Marketing + Sales Funnel

As suggested, the main business model we are going to use is one known as Affiliate Marketing combined with a Sales Funnel. This is a well proven system that is used by many people all over the world.

With Affiliate Marketing there are no fixed hours, no personal selling or stock to purchase and no limits to the income you can earn.

Promote Global Brands

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote all different types of companies and products in all different types of markets. These companies range from high street names to global brands.

The work you will be doing as an affiliate marketer is one of directing people to the sales page of any companies and products you are promoting via your own personal affiliate link and when a sale is made you get paid a commission.

It’s a simple process but there are certain parts you need to follow in order to see success and these parts are outlined in the following 5 steps.


You first need to choose a business market with active and preferably passionate buyers in. This might be a market that you have an interest in or one you have knowledge of. You could choose a market simply because you want to make money from it.

Amazon Will Help

And one of the great ways to find a market is by using Amazon and its search bar to see what markets they list.

See what main topics Amazon lists using the drop down tab to the left of the search bar or type in an idea within the actual search bar and see what Amazon suggests.

Any of these main topics or suggestions will give you a good idea as to what markets are worth considering.

What I like about the Amazon suggestions is that they will be more niche and specific which is always better when it comes to targeting and identifying who exactly your customers will be.

What are People Buying?

Once you have found some topics/suggestions, you can even go a bit deeper and see what products are being sold on Amazon so that you can get a feel as to what customers are buying in these markets.


Whatever market you decide to go into your next step is to find out what problems people have within this market.  Find out what issues your potential customers need solving and why they are searching online for something.

Doing this will really help you to understand what your customers want so that you can then offer them exactly what they need.

And some of the best ways to find out your markets problems is by visiting forums or social media groups.

EG: If your chosen business market is Parenting then look for Parenting forums or Facebook groups about parenting.

You can use our good friend Google to search for relevant forums or use the Facebook search bar when looking for groups.

Once you find a suitable forum or group, see what is being talked about in these places (you do not have to join in) and you will start to see what people are more often than not discussing and what questions they are asking.

You will start to see a pattern, you will start to see what issues, problems or questions need answering. You will discover the problems in your market.

Why Businesses Fail

Doing this step is the most important stage of setting up your business and it’s the step that 95% of people looking to start an online business never do.

They don’t do their research or find out their markets problems which means they end up guessing large parts of their business and ultimately wasting a lot of time and money.


With the help of the information you discover in step 2 you will now know what products to look for and promote to your potential customers.

You are going to find products that solve the problems that the people in your market want solving.

And when you have a product that you know your customers are looking for and want to buy then the selling part becomes a lot easier.

Remember that any products you do find and promote, you will not have to buy them, stock them or do any personal selling.

This is what Affiliate Marketing is all about. You get to be in business for yourself but without the usual trouble and expense of going it alone.

Your job as an affiliate is to direct customers with your affiliate link to the sales page of the products and companies you are promoting.

Where Are These Products?

Lets say that you are in the pet market and you have discovered that dog owners really struggle to train a puppy.

What you would now do is find puppy training products that deal with this issue and that you can become an affiliate of.

And the best way to find them is do a Google search using words like “Dog training affiliate program” or “UK puppy training affiliate programs”.

Remember to always add the words “affiliate program” into any search you do and then of course add in any relevant words for the products you are looking for.

Once the search results arrive then take a look and see what companies have what products and whether any of them would solve your markets problems.

Would You Buy From Them?

You can also take a look at what levels of commission you will earn selling the product as well as things such as the companies sales page.

See if the website looks good and people would be comfortable with the whole sales process of buying that product.

Once you do find a suitable product and company, you can then sign up to their affiliate program which will normally be free to join.

And when accepted you will then have access to your affiliate account with its affiliate links and lots of other material that you can use to promote the product with.


Now that you have chosen a business market, you understand your markets problems and you have found suitable affiliate products you will then need to put it altogether and you do this with what’s known as an Affiliate Sales Funnel.

Your sales funnel will consist of 2 parts,

1…A one page website (Landing Page) designed to capture people’s name and email. People will leave their details because you are offering something in return like a free guide which will also contain links to some of the affiliate products you are promoting.

2…An email auto-responder that sends out pre-written emails to anyone that leaves their details on your Landing page.

These pre-written emails will contain links to your affiliate products that people can click and purchase.

It’s called a sales funnel because people go in at the top (Landing Page) and come out at the bottom when they purchase a product from you.

The beauty of this type of business is its very automated. Once everything is in place it will be working for you around the clock, 24 hours a day.

And you can have as many pre-written emails being sent out to as many people as you can get to sign up on your Landing Page.

You Are Not Alone

Now don’t worry if you are now thinking that you have no idea how to build a one page website, create a free guide or configure an email auto-responder.

We have an affiliate marketing training course specifically designed to teach you step by step everything outlined in this guide plus a lot more so that at the end you have a fully functioning affiliate business.


Once you have your Landing Page and Email Auto-responder setup then you are ready to begin advertising to the people who can most benefit from your business.

Notice I say the word “benefit” and not “who we can get the most money out of”. If we focus first on trying to help others and help them solve their problems then the money will come on its own accord.

Having a business like this is a win win situation for everyone.

Start Reaping the Rewards

OK this is the fun part when it comes to advertising your business because if you have completed the previous 4 steps correctly then you will be in a position to reap the rewards.

Your advertising is going to be the main focus of your business from now on. You are going to be advertising your landing page and getting as many sign ups as possible and as many people as possible to see your emails and products.

Yes you can be adding more emails to your sales funnel but for now I want you to get your advertising working so that you start to make sales.

Where Do You Advertise?

A great place to advertise your Landing Page would be back on the forums or Facebook groups you found when you were doing your research in step 2.

You could now join in with the conversations and start telling people about your Landing Page whenever you see people talking about issues that you know your emails and products can solve.

But don’t just sell your products to them, word messages so that it speaks to them and the problem they have and then give them your Landing Page website address.

Let the Website do the Work.

And if you have done your work correctly then your website landing page and emails will do the talking for you.

There are of course many other ways to advertise your business either with free or paid advertising and our Beginners Affiliate Course shows you exactly how to advertise and where to advertise


Hopefully this short guide has shown you how you too can sell affiliate products and have a hassle free automated business online working flexible hours from either your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • You have the steps needed to find a market, find products, find customers and then advertise your business with your own website…
  • Your business will allow you to work from home or wherever you have internet. You can work from your laptop, tablet or smartphone…
  • You can work flexible hours that fit in and around your life and schedule and you can scale up your business if you ever need to increase your income…
  • Once up and running your Landing Page and Email Auto-responder will be working for you around the clock signing up new people and sending out pre-written emails with affiliate products to purchase…
  • Plus with the business model of Affiliate Marketing you will not have to purchase any stock. You wont personally have to deal with any customers or handle any money. And all the selling is done by the company you are promoting…

All in all the type of business detailed in this guide is one of enormous flexibility without the pain and expense of building a traditional type business.


If after reading this short guide you now want to start an online business then by all means go ahead and start implementing the 5 steps outlined above.

However if you would prefer to follow a step by step affiliate course that takes you through all the steps detailed in this guide and a lot more plus you have an option to have your whole business built for you then click the button below.


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Nick Squires