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 Nick Squires-The English Entrepreneur 2017

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  • Introduction
  • Meet Nick Squires
  • What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing
  • What is Your Role in all This
  • How Do You Get Paid
  • How Do You Get Started
  • Get Better and More Consistent Results
  • What Levels of Success Will You Have
  • I Have a Solution for You

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uk affiliate marketing trainingThank you for deciding to take the time to read this guide about working for yourself online.

The guide will give you an insight as well as action steps to a proven business model that myself and many thousands of other people use to make a living online.

But not only can you make a good living but you can do it in a very flexible way, working the hours and schedule that you set and wherever you have an internet connection.

And what is this proven business model, it is Affiliate Marketing and it is an excellent way to work for yourself and have a proven online business without all the expense and hassles normally associated with starting your own business.

Affiliate Marketing gives you all of the flexibility of being in business for yourself such as choosing when and where you work and choosing your level of income but none of the constraints of going it alone.

Affiliate Marketing gives you the chance to sell products and services online but without having to stock them, own them, take payments for them, ship them out to customers or handle any enquiries whatsoever.

Affiliate Marketing is a win, win situation for anyone looking to create a better work life balance for themselves.

Who is Affiliate Marketing suitable for?

uk affiliate marketing trainingThis business model is suitable for a host of different types of people. People who are looking for more flexibility in their life in the way they make a living.

This could be a working parent who spends too much time at work and never gets to be home with their kids during the week and spends the weekends rushing around.

It could be a stay at home parent who finds it difficult to get a job that fits around their childrens routine as well as finding a job that pays enough for day care costs.

Affiliate Marketing is great for a person like me who loves to travel and live in different countries. As long as I have internet then I can work my business.

I have helped retirees put a business together so that they can supplement their pension and business owners who have realised that owning a traditional type business is just way too expensive and way too time consuming.

Affiliate Marketing is great for people who are currently working a job. You can start in your spare time and then if you so desire, go full time later on.

And when I say full time, in my own personal experience that means around 20 to 25 flexible hours a week including weekends if you wish.

As you can see, Affiliate Marketing fits the bill for a lot of different types of people and for lots of different reasons.

The types of people that this business model is not for, well if you are lazy and looking for instant riches with no work whatsoever then you are in for a shock.

Building and running any kind of business takes work and on a continuous basis and that includes Affiliate Marketing.

Now it does not have to be hard work, certainly not when you compare it to going out to a job each day for 8 hours plus any commute you may have.

The work I am talking about is consistent smart work where you use the leverage and reach of the internet to do the work for you.

EG: Let us say you do an hours work in a job and for that hours work you will be paid whatever your hourly rate is but once you have been paid you will never ever be paid again for that same hours work.

uk affiliate marketing trainingNow let us say you do an hours work on your Affiliate Marketing business. Well that hours work can be paying you over and over again regardless of how many times you have been paid for it in the past.

Your work will be available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for people to access and for you to make an income from.

Now would you just do an hours work and that was it, no of course not, it takes more effort than that to have success but it gives you an idea of the potential when you use the leverage of the internet.

Now granted, in order to see success online you will probably have to learn some new skills to get there but if you do want to see new results in your life (working from home) then you are going to have to be open to doing new things.

TIP: As you go through this guide, if you find something that you are not sure about then why not let me know. Use the contact details below and I will be happy to answer your questions

  • 0044 (0) 208 123 8739

Meet Nick Squires-The English Entrepreneur.

Before we get into the main focus of this guide I would just like to quickly introduce myself so that we are not complete strangers.

Most of muk affiliate marketing trainingy life has been spent in the UK around the London area after having been born in the late 60's and moving with my parents from the midlands region of affiliate marketing training

I am the eldest of 3 brothers. I am in a long term relationship with a French lady. I have no children and have never been married although these last two situations may well have changed by the time you read this (GULP).


In terms of career, well there has never actually been one. I knew from my late teens that a career in one type of job was never going to be me as I have a huge inner urge for travel.

I have certainly worked a lot, in all sorts of different jobs from sales, gardening, building, retail, leisure, pest control to name but a few.

My Traveluk affiliate marketing training

As mentioned I love to travel and travel I have, backpacking around North and South America. All over Europe and the south Pacific. Most years during my 20's and 30's I would take off for several months with just a rucksack.

I have liveuk affiliate marketing trainingd in a number of places too most notably Portugal, Spain, Tahiti and the South of France. Of all these places Spain has the biggest pull as I just love all things Spanish.

For the last 6 years though I have permanently based myself between my home in Paris and my home in Surrey, very close to where I grew up.

My Interests

My interests cover a broad range with personal development, languages (French and Spanish), the environment and internet marketing being the main ones. In fact two of these interests, personal development and internet marketing I have managed to make a very good living from.

Online Success

uk affiliate marketing trainingIt was when I first arrived in Paris that I realised it would be difficult to get a job as my French then was non existent. So I turned to the internet for answers and by chance I stumbled upon an American company promoting personal development products and courses that I in turn could promote too.

I got started, pulled my hair out for a while and then began to make money. I won an award for top producer and traveled the world to various company seminars.

I was hooked on this internet thingy. And this is what I have done ever since although I only stayed with the American company for 2 years. Since then I have mainly been involved in affiliate marketing as well as coaching others who wish to make a living online.

uk affiliate marketing training

The thing with the internet is that it gives you freedom. Freedom to live your life as you so wish to as well as the potential to earn more than you evuk affiliate marketing traininger could in a job and without the need of a boss or a fixed schedule.

So shall we now get into the meat of this guide and really find out how Affiliate Marketing can give you a proven way to make a full time or part time living online, working flexible hours to a schedule that you set.

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Lots of companiesuk affiliate marketing training these days have realised that through the efforts of others they can sell a lot more of their products without having to do certain parts of the work.

And these companies have created programs (Affiliate Programs) that you can join and then start promoting their products for them.

There are all sorts of different companies in all sorts of different markets who have their own affiliate programs that you can join for free.

When you join a company’s affiliate program you will have access to the advertising tools they provide within the program.

These tools will normally be such things as adverts or text links that link to that company’s sales page.

The types of companies you will find with affiliate programs range from some of the biggest and most famous on the planet such as Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, Virgin, Apple, Body Shop, Weight Watchers, Next, Marks and Spencers etc, all the way to lesser known businesses who may only be familiar within their own market.

There are quite literally thousands and thousands of companies to choose from who have an affiliate program that you can join.

You can become an affiliate and sell a product or a service for that company but you do not ever have to own the product. You do not have to take payments and you dont have to deliver it.

The company you are an affiliate for will do all the hard work for you. Your job is to get people to their sales page and when a sale is made via your efforts you get paid a commission.

I will show you in a moment exactly how to get sales.

uk affiliate marketing trainingNB: To give yourself an idea as to whether affiliate marketing is a genuine opportunity to make an income online with, have a think about this.

If it was not a genuine way then why would all these companies including some of the biggest on the planet bother to invest time and money in creating an affiliate program for you and me to join?

They do it because they know they can make more sales through the efforts of you and me and in return we can make an income from the commissions that they pay out.

What is Your Role in all This?

uk affiliate marketing trainingYour job is to direct people to the website of the company you are promoting, with the idea that these people will then purchase something from this company. When this happens you get paid a commission.

That is it, that is your job and if you do it well you can be paid very handsomely indeed.

The sort of commissions you can expect really depends on the company itself but overall you will find affiliate programs that pay out anything between 3% to 70% of the total sale price.

The higher commission pay outs normally come from products or services that only have to be made once such as download courses or software products and the lower percentage pay outs will be for actual physical products that need to be made each time like clothing or electrical goods.

You can also find products to promote that not only pay you a commission for the initial sale but also have a monthly payment built in to it. This could be a product such as a training course that has a monthly subscription.

This will mean that you get paid a commission for every month that your customer stays enrolled on a product that you only had to sell once.

NB: With affiliate marketing, you are not the one who has to purchase any products to then sell to customers, neither do you have to deal with any customer issues on any level whatsoever. The company you are promoting will handle it all.

And remember too that affiliate marketing will allow you to work around your life and family from wherever you have internet.

How Do You Get Paid?

uk affiliate marketing trainingWhen you join a company’s affiliate program, you are given your own personal affiliate link that links to that company’s sales page.

This link is unique to you so that when someone clicks this link of yours and they are taken to that company’s sales page, when any sales are made they will be credited to you and a commission will be paid out.

The company knows the customer and sale came from you because the customer clicked your unique link in the first place.

And any commissions that are owed to you will normally be paid by cheque, bank transfer or Pay Pal. Although this really depends on the individual company as to exactly how you get paid.

Be aware that companies will have set dates for sending out commissions each month so dont expect a cheque as soon as you make a sale, you may have to wait until the next pay out date and some companies will hold your money until any return dates on the product have expired.

Regardless of how you get paid It certainly is a good feeling when you do make your first sale. I can remember well the first time I made a sale and a commission.

I was sitting in a Japanese restaurant during a weekday lunchtime in Paris with my partner when I received a text from a company that I was an affiliate of letting me know I had just made a sale and I had earned a £1000 commission cheque.

That was such a buzz to know that through my own smart work I had created this income and that I now had a way of supporting my chosen lifestyle without the need of a boss or a job.

How Do You Get Started?

Don’t be too concerned about having to figure out these next steps yourself as I have created an affiliate marketing training course that shows you exactly how to build your business and comes with phone and email support, visit

uk affiliate marketing training1) Choose a Business Market

First thing to do is choose a business market. It can be a market you have some knowledge on or an interest in. It could be a market that you choose simply for the fact that it is popular right now.

Try not to choose a market with too broad a topic such as Sport. Instead go a bit deeper and choose a specific sport. Or if you have chosen something like Travel then be a bit more specific and choose a particular travel destination.

A great way to find good markets is by using Amazon and its search bar to see what markets they list. You can either choose from the main ones that are listed to the left of the search bar in the drop down menu or you can actually type a topic into the search bar and see what options Amazon gives you.

Any of these main topics or topics that they suggest you can guarantee that there are active and regular buyers within these markets, otherwise Amazon would not bother.

Another way to find a good market is by using ClickBank. This is a company that specialises in Affiliate Marketing which is the business model you will use to make an income from.

On the ClickBank home page to the left or lower down the page (depending on what device you are viewing with) you will see "Categories".

These categories are proven good markets for you to choose from and when you click one of them more sub-categories will be revealed underneath.

And whatever market you choose don’t feel that you have to be an expert in it as any information you need can always be found online, as I am about to explain.

uk affiliate marketing training2) Your Markets Problems

Once you know your market you then need to know what issues and problems people have within this market.

If your chosen market is Pets and in particular Dogs then you need to discover what the common issues are for dog owners. Perhaps you will discover that dog owners always have problems with their dog pulling on the leash. Perhaps its difficult to train a dog to stop barking when the door bell is rung.

Whatever market you have chosen you can use relevant forums, Facebook groups or websites to see what people are most often talking about and from this you can discover what issues they would like fixing.

EG: If your chosen business market is Parenting then look for Parenting forums, Facebook groups about parenting and websites that focus on parenting.

Use our good friend Google to search for relevant forums and websites or use the Facebook search bar when looking for groups.

Once you find a suitable place then see what is being talked about in these places (you do not have to join in) and you will start to see what people are more often than not saying and what questions they are asking.

You will start to see a pattern, you will start to see what issues, problems or questions need answering. You will discover the problems in your market.

And keep a note of where you visit to find the information as you probably can use these places when you come to advertising your business.


uk affiliate marketing training

3) Find Some Products

Now that you have discovered some issues that people have within your market, you now need to be finding relevant companies who have affiliate programs you can join.

Once you do find them you can then check to see if they sell products that would solve the issues that you have just discovered.

Using the Dog market example we used earlier, you want to be searching for affiliate programs of companies who sell dog training products. Products that will cure a dog of excessive barking or pulling on the leash.

And a good way to find these companies and products is to do a search on Google.

For our dog market you could type into Google “Dog training affiliate programs”

Lets say your chosen market is Health and Beauty, you would then type into Google “health and beauty affiliate programs” or “UK health and beauty affiliate programs”.

Or perhaps you have chosen the electronics market and you want to sell Mobile Phones then simply Google “Mobile phones affiliate programs”. You get the idea.

Then with your search results you can look at any suitable companies and their affiliate programs as well as looking at their product range to see if it’s a match for your market.

Or if you know of a specific company you want to promote then type “Company Name affiliate program” and see if they have one.

You can also visit their website and look for a link that says "affiliate" which is normally found in small writing at the very bottom of the website.

Once you do find a company that is a match for you and your market then sign up to their affiliate program.

TIP: Within your new affiliate account make sure you have completed the section that tells the company how you want to be paid and where they can send your commissions.

uk affiliate marketing training4) Advertising

Once you have been accepted into an affiliate program you can then start to advertise the products using the advertising tools the program provides.

And one of these tools will be your unique affiliate link that you can use in your advertising to direct people to that companies sales page.

To be honest, when it comes to advertising there is an endless array of free and paid online and offline choices to use.

TIP: To keep your costs down at the start, you can focus on free advertising and then once you start seeing an income coming in then put some of it into paid ads.

The key with advertising is to be consistent. Dont just place one advert and think that will do. People sometimes need to see an ad several times before they take action with it.

You could use social sites such as Facebook or Twitter for your advertising or you could use online classifieds where you can place free or paid ads just like you would in a newspaper.

Why not go back to the relevant forums, Facebook groups or websites that you used earlier to discover your markets issues. You could then join in with the conversations as well as posting your affiliate link for people to click on.

You could place an advert in an online magazine or newsletter that caters to your market.

With advertising its all about getting the products you are promoting in front of the right types of people. Think about where these people will be and then start advertising there.

If you want some more help with your advertising or anything else you have seen within this guide then why not let me know, I will be happy to recommend some effective ways for the products you are promoting.

0044 208 123 8739

uk affiliate marketing training

You can also use my Affiliate Marketing course which not only shows many different ways to advertise on and offline but it also details everything else you need to know when building an online business.


Get Better and More Consistent Results.

uk affiliate marketing helpIf you really want to make Affiliate Marketing a consistent way for you to work for yourself online and you want to make as good an income from it as possible then what you really need to consider is having your own website.

A website containing content that focuses on the market you have chosen and content that will appeal to and help the type of persons you are looking to promote your affiliate products to.

The website will be visually attractive and easy to use for anyone visiting. And of course you would have your affiliate links on the website as well.

Having a website that offers people information on the topic they are interested in will help you attract these people not only to your website but also to your affiliate products.

Instead of trying to sell to someone straight away, you can warm them up to the idea by offering content to read first.

The way it works is like this,

Again don’t worry if some of these next steps are beyond you as my affiliate marketing training course shows you exactly how to build your online business as well as offers phone and email support for whenever you need it. visit

1) Create a small website.

2) Add content to the website that talks about the problems your market wants fixing and content that talks about the products you are promoting that can fix their problems.

3) Place your affiliate links on your website for visitors to click.

4) Start advertising your website to the people who will be interested in your content and products. Visitors then arrive to read your content, click your links and buy your products.

5) A sale is made, you get paid a commission.

If you do the above steps correctly then you have a very good way of making an income by way of a business that is working for you around the clock, regardless of whether you are at your computer or not.

Once all is set up, your website will be accessible to anyone online, 24 hours a day.

You put some effort in at the start to build your business and then you start to see the rewards of this effort by way of an income.

Yes you will be doing things you have never done before but if you want to experience new results in your life (working from home around your life) you have to be taking new actions.

Life does not come to you, if you sit back and do nothing then nothing is what you will have.

What Level of Success Will You Have?

There are many, many people all over the world who work for themselves online and make a living from Affiliate Marketing, including myself.

Success is not guaranteed but this is no different to any other type of business you find online or in the real world, but in my 8 years experience, the people who do fail are simply the ones who give up too soon.

I would say that if you can spare around 7 hours a week then you will give yourself a very good chance of making an income.

No this will not be life changing money but it will be an income.

If you are currently working then start off doing a bit each day. You can then decide if you want to put more effort in once you do start seeing an income.

With Affiliate Marketing you can replace your current income altogether or just supplement it. It is really up to you what you earn and the effort you put in that dictates your level of success.

For me I am now in my 10th year of making a full time living online and I personally work around 25 flexible hours a week which in return makes me a full time income.

My daily work schedule each week is normally,

Mon-Thurs, I work from 10am and then lunch at 1pm, I then continue working again from 3pm to 6pm.

Fridays I will probably do a couple of hours in the morning but thats it.

Weekends is normally free but to be honest I often work, especially on a Sunday when I find I am bit bored. Doing this makes my Monday easier with less to do.

Remember that you can set whatever hours and schedule that suits you best. And quite often my schedule will change because of something in my personal life that pops up, which is fine, I just make the hours up later in the week or at the weekend.

I have a Solution for You.

Hopefully after reading this guide you now have a better understanding of what Affiliate Marketing is, how it works and whether it would be a good opportunity for you and your lifestyle.

Assuming it is for you then great. Please feel free to start taking action on the advice I have given throughout this guide and expect to see the success you are looking for.

If however you feel a little unsure as to exactly how to set everything up the right way then you may prefer the idea of someone like me showing you exactly how to implement all of it correctly.

In that case I have a solution for you,

I have created an Affiliate Marketing Training Course, which comes with easy to follow plain English steps that you complete at your own pace and which also comes with phone and email support from me whenever you need it.

The course will take you through every stage of creating and running an Affiliate Marketing business exactly like the one I have outlined in this guide. Some important steps included in the course are as follows,

uk affiliate marketing training

As mentioned earlier, the course comes with phone and email support. Meaning that at any time you are going through the course or when you are up and running, I will be available either by phone or by email to answer your questions and give you advice.

The information and steps contained within the course are exactly the same steps I use to create my own online businesses with. It is also the exact same information I provide to my personal one to one affiliate clients.

For all the details on the course, click the link below.

And finally, if we have already spoken prior to you receiving this guide then no doubt I have arranged to call you back to answer your questions.

I will also be explaining the special offer I currently have running for anyone who does decide to work with me and use my affiliate course.

If however we have not spoken or we have not arranged a call back and you do have some questions then please feel free to let me know by either emailing me at,

Or if you prefer you can give me a call,  0044 (0) 208 123 8739

This concludes your guide to The No.1 Way to Work for Yourself Online.

Thank you for your time.

Nick Squires-The English Entrepreneur 2017

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