“The 5 Proven Steps To Make Money Online”

“And one of these steps 95% of people never do”

uk affiliate marketing trainingThese next 5 steps are the steps I have used since 2010 to make a full time income online working part time hours from home. It’s a simple process to follow, none of its rocket science but it works if you stick to the plan.

The business model we are going to use is one known as Affiliate Marketing. This is a well proven system that is used by many people all over the world.

With Affiliate Marketing there are no fixed hours, no personal selling or stock to purchase and no limits to the income you can earn.

You can promote all different types of companies and products in all different types of markets. These companies can be high street names, global brands or companies known only in their specific market.

The work you will be doing as an affiliate marketer is one of directing people to the sales page of any companies and products you are promoting via your own personal affiliate link and when a sale is made you get paid a commission.

It’s a simple process but there are certain parts you need to follow in order to see success and these parts I outline in the following 5 steps.

I Will Answer Your Questions.

But whatever level of experience you have with Affiliate Marketing I will be giving you a call in the next 48 hours to explain exactly what happens next and to answer your questions.

I will explain how you can personally implement the following 5 steps correctly so that you see success sooner rather than later.

I will also explain any training I provide should you wish to use my services and the experience I have gained over the last 10 years helping people build online businesses and being a full time Affiliate Marketer.

WARNING:  These Next 5 Steps Will Make You Money

  • 1

    Choose Your Business Market

    You first need to choose a business market with active and passionate buyers in. This might be a market that you have an interest in or one you have knowledge of. You could choose a market simply because you want to make money from it.
    But It has to be a market where people want to spend money and preferably one where they return to spend this on a regular basis. This is why I suggest a passionate market because people are motivated to buy a certain product or service because they have an emotional reason to do so.
    And one of the great ways to find markets like this is by using the online store Amazon and its search bar to see what markets they list.
    You can either choose from the main ones that are listed to the left of the search bar in the drop down menu or you can actually type a topic into the search bar and see what options Amazon gives you.
    Any of these main topics or topics that they suggest you can guarantee that there are active and regular buyers within these markets, otherwise Amazon would not bother.
    In our call I will speak to you in more detail exactly how to find and choose one of these markets I will also talk to you about markets I have had success with or my clients have..

  • 2

    Find Your Markets Problems

    Whatever market you decide to go into your next step is to find out what problems people have in this market. Find out what your potential customers need solving and why they are searching online for something.
    You need to understand why your customers want to buy a certain product or service and when you do so you will be able to offer them exactly what they need.
    And the way to find out your markets problems is by visiting relevant forums, Facebook groups or websites.
    EG: If your chosen business market is Parenting then look for Parenting forums, Facebook groups about parenting and websites that focus on parenting.
    Use our good friend Google to search for relevant forums and websites or use the Facebook search bar when looking for groups.
    Once you find a suitable place then see what is being talked about in these places (you do not have to join in) and you will start to see what people are more often than not saying and what questions they are asking.
    You will start to see a pattern, you will start to see what issues, problems or questions need answering. You will discover the problems in your market.
    This step is the most important stage of setting up your business and it’s the step that 95% of people looking to make money online never do.
    When we speak I will explain my No.1 way of finding my markets problems.

  • 3

    Find Some Products To Sell

    With the information you discover in step 2 you will then know what products to look for and sell to your potential customers. You will find products that solve the problems people want solving.
    When you have a product that you know your customers are looking for and want to buy then the selling part becomes a lot easier.
    Not only will these products be ones that you know will sell but you will do so without having to purchase them or personally sell them. This is one of the best parts about Affiliate Marketing.
    Lets say that you are in the Pet market and you have discovered that dog owners really struggle to train a puppy.
    What you would now do is find puppy training products that deal with this issue and that you can become an affiliate of it.
    And the best way to find them is simply to Google words like "Dog training affiliate programs" or "UK puppy training affiliate programs".
    Remember to always add the words "affiliate Program" into any search you do and then of course add in any relevant words for the products you are looking for.
    Once the search results arrive then take a look and see what companies have what products and whether any of them would solve your markets problems.
    You can also take a look at what levels of commission you will earn selling the product as well as things such as the companies sales page. See if the website looks good and people would be comfortable with the whole sales process of buying the product.
    Once you find a suitable product and company you can then sign up to their affiliate program which will normally always be free to join.

  • 4

    Create A Mini Website

    The best way to show off the products you are selling will be to have a small website that contains relevant and informative content as well as the products you are selling.
    The content will be information that talks about the problems people want solving as well as information about the products you are selling that can solve their problem.
    Having a small website that highlights exactly what they want to read will make them more comfortable when it comes to looking at your products rather than just trying to sell them something straight away which is a mistake a lot of people make.
    And by far the best system to build your website with is with WordPress. Yes its used by the professionals because of its flexibility but If you can read English then you can use WordPress.
    NB: We are going to use and not its sister version of The sister version does not allow you to sell products.
    WordPress has a ton of features so that you can build any type of website you want but at the same time its super easy to use.
    I have been using WordPress for all my websites since 2010. The system itself is free but you will need a website address (£8 a year) and website hosting (£9 a month).
    These are minimal costs considering you are building a business that you can work wherever and whenever you like and pay you what you decide.
    In our call I will explain how you can get your hosting for free and how you can get the website built by myself.

  • 5

    Advertise Your Website

    Once you have your website complete with its products and content then you are ready to begin advertising to the people who want to see it.
    This is the fun part because if you have completed the previous 4 steps correctly then you will be in a position to make money with the adverts you place.
    Your advertising will be the main focus of your business from now on so that you start to make sales and commissions on a regular weekly basis.
    And a great place to advertise your website would be the forums or Facebook groups you found when you were doing step 2. You could join in with the conversations and start telling people about your website.
    Dont sell your products to them just word it so that it speaks to them and the problem they have and then give them your website address so that they can then visit and read your content and then see your products.
    Answer peoples questions, join in with the conversations and direct them to your website.
    And if you have done your work correctly then your products and content will be exactly what the people on these forums and Facebook groups are looking for.
    Over the years I have successfully used free and paid advertising methods that I will share with you as well as show you where exactly to place your adverts and how to word them.

REMEMBER: There Are No Limits To The Success You Can Have

uk affiliate marketing trainingOK there you have it “The 5 proven steps to take if you ever want to make money online”

As mentioned earlier its not a complicated process and you do not have to spend a long time implementing each step but if you do it correctly and exactly as laid out then you will have an online business that can be worked whenever and wherever you choose.

Yes you may be doing things that you have never done before but you can achieve it just like the thousands of other Affiliate Marketers who have done so before you. Its all about getting out of your comfort zone so that you have new results in your life.

Finally, remember to keep an eye out for my call in the next 2 days so that I can explain in more detail exactly the best ways to complete each step. The number I will be calling you on is, 0208 123 8739 UK. You can also use this number if you would like to speak with me now rather than later.

Yes of course you can begin the 5 steps today but if you have questions or you're interested to hear about the specific affiliate training I provide then I will be happy to speak with you. You can then piggy back off of my success as an Affiliate Marketer and the 7 years I have been implementing this 5 step process.

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