“The 5 Proven Steps You Need To Take If
You Ever Want To Make Money Online”

“And one of these steps 95% of online marketers never do”

Affiliate Marketing free trainingThese next 5 steps are the steps I have used since 2010 to make a full time income online working part time hours from home. It’s a simple process to follow, none of its rocket science but it works if you stick to the plan.

The business model we are going to use is one known as Affiliate Marketing. This is a well proven system that is used by many people all over the world.

With Affiliate Marketing there are no fixed hours, no personal selling or stock to purchase and no limits to the income you can earn.

You can promote all different types of companies and products in all different types of markets. These companies can be high street names, global brands or companies known only in their specific market.

The work you will be doing as an affiliate marketer is one of directing people to the sales page of any companies and products you are promoting via your own personal affiliate link and when a sale is made you get paid a commission.

It’s a simple process but there are certain parts you need to follow in order to see success and these parts I outline in the following 5 steps.

And as a bonus, each day over the next 5 days I will be emailing you and going into more detail exactly how to implement each step correctly so that by the end of the 5 days you will have put together a profitable online business that is proven to work.

WARNING:  These Next 5 Steps Will Make You Money

  • 1

    Choose Your Business Market

    You first need to choose a business market with active and passionate buyers in. This might be a market that you have an interest in or one you have knowledge of. You could choose a market simply because you want to make money from it.
    But It has to be a market where people want to spend money and preferably one where they return to spend this on a regular basis. This is why I suggest a passionate market because people are motivated to buy a certain product or service because they have an emotional reason to do so.
    In tomorrow’s email I will show you in more detail exactly how to find and choose one of these markets.

  • 2

    Find Your Markets Problems

    Whatever market you decide to go into your next step is to find out what problems people have in this market. Find out what your potential customers need solving and why they are searching online for something.
    You need to understand why your customers want to buy a certain product or service and when you do so you will be able to offer them exactly what they need.
    This step is the most important stage of setting up your business and it’s the step that 95% of people looking to make money online never do. And in the second email I send you I will reveal exactly how to find these problems and what to do with this information.

  • 3

    Find Some Products To Sell

    With the information you discovered in step 2 you will now know what products to look for and sell to your potential customers. You will find products that solve the problems people want solving.
    When you have a product that you know your customers are looking for and want to buy then the selling part becomes a lot easier.
    In the third email I will show you how to find these products and how you can make money from them without having to purchase them or personally sell them.

  • 4

    Create A Mini Website

    The best way to show off the products you are selling will be to have a small website that contains relevant and informative content as well as the products you are selling.
    The content will be information that talks about the problems people want solving as well as information about the products you are selling that can solve their problem.
    Having a small website that highlights exactly what they want to read will make them more comfortable when it comes to looking at your products rather than just trying to sell them something straight away which is a mistake a lot of people make.
    In the fourth email I will explain about the most effective website builder online as well as where to get all the content you need for free and without having to write it yourself.

  • 5

    Advertise Your Website

    Once you have your website complete with its products and content then you are ready to begin advertising to the people who want to see it.
    This is the fun part because if you have completed the previous 4 steps correctly then you will be in a position to make money with the adverts you place.
    Your advertising will be the main focus of your business from now on so that you start to make sales and commissions on a regular weekly basis.
    The fifth email I send you shows how to advertise for free and where exactly to place your adverts and how to word them.

REMEMBER: There Are No Limits To The Success You Can Have

affiliate marketing free trainingOK there you have it “The 5 proven steps you need to take if you are ever want to make money online”

As mentioned earlier its not a complicated process and you do not have to spend a long time implementing each step but if you do it correctly then you will have an online business that can be worked whenever and wherever you choose.

Yes you will probably be doing things that you have never done before but you can achieve it just like the thousands of others who have done so before you. Its all about getting out of your comfort zone so that you have new results in your life.

Finally, remember to keep an eye each day for the next 5 days for my emails that will show you in more detail exactly how to complete each step.

Yes of course you can begin right now but if you use the information starting with the first email tomorrow then you can piggy back off of my success as an Affiliate Marketer and the 7 years I have been implementing this simple 5 step process.

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